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Myths About Breathing

Myth 7. I have to get rid of the mucus

Mucus is a natural secretion that both lubricates and protects the airways while at the same moistening the inhaled air, and trapping airborne particles and germs. It contains an enzyme that kills germs, and also helps to keep the airways clean as it is moved along by tiny hairs called cillia.

Inspite of these extremely useful properties, mucus often tends to disgust people, and it is often thought of as an excretion that needs to be eliminated. To assist in the removal of mucus there are all kinds of natural and manufactured chemicals that are used to reduce mucus production or to water it down so that it is easier to expel.

There are also little pots to wash out your nasal passages and physiotherapy that usually involves lots of 'huffing' or coughing to clear the lungs. Some people do these things as often as three times a day, seemingly without wondering why it always comes back again, often in even greater quantities.

The obvious reason for this rebound effect is because mucus is supposed to be there. When you remove something that is important for good health, the body often goes into over-drive to restore it satisfactorily.

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